By: Eric Althaus
2nd August, 2021

After the spread of Covid19 and one year of worldwide lockdown, characterized by tight and severe heath measures and social restrictions, the world slowly started to open again.

People’s will to travel and live a social life increased, and clients from many industries began to buy again. During the year of lockdown, we have understood the importance of staying with your loved ones and enjoying your life.

Regarding a yachting standpoint, statistics and concrete data show a marked recovery from the depths of the Covid-19 pandemic in the second part of the year 2020.

This boom of used yachts sold observed has continued in this first half of 2021, making it prosperous and impressive start.

Since January, data recorded from The SuperYacht Times, a record of 380 used yacht sales over 24-meters have been registered – a data that is well above the level of the previous years. Likewise, the new yacht market has resulted to be successful as well – reaching numbers comparable to the good year of 2019, with over 100 new 30m + yachts sold.

Regarding both the market of used yachts and new yachts, a strong international activity and a solid client demand is characterizing these upcoming months.


Regarding a quick comparison, data show a higher number of used yachts sold rather than the new ones. Concerning a concrete analysis, 381 used 24m + yachts have been sold since January, a value that is twice as much as the one representing the sales during the first 6 months of 2020. Even though 2020 has resulted to be a special year, the numbers of 2021 are superior to the ones of 2019, where 261 yachts have been sold.

Since Covid-19 we could observe huge prices reductions. However, these high numbers of yachts sold are not necessarily linked to the price’s reductions. Indeed, in 2021 the price reductions got smaller with an estimate of the 8,3% or -€565,000; compared to 2020 where the price reductions were about 10,4% or -€605,000 of the last asking price.

Overall, during the 2020 a record of 534 used yacht over 24 meters have been sold, representing, until now, the highest number on record. But will the sale market keep this pace?

Each year, as stated by The SuperYacht Times in the article “2021 Market Update: Used yacht sales near 400 as market boom continues », published by Ralph Dazert on July 2, around 1,050 24+ meter yachts are newly listed for sale.

During the first part of the year 2021, a total of 451 yachts have been newly listed for sale. If we consider the whole year, the new listing will equal to 900 – a shortfall of around 150 listings. So, while we can certainly expect a very good full year result for the used yacht sales market, it is unlikely that the predicted number of 750 sales will be reached.


Since the spread of Covid-19, the second half of 2020 has finally seen the light. In the first half of 2021, 90 new yachts over 30 meters have been sold: 86 motor yachts and 4 sailing yachts. Generally, the demand for motor yachts is bigger than the one for sailing yachts. According to several shipyards and brokers, the clients’ demands are growing, thus expecting an amazing second half of July in terms of yacht sales.

Interestingly, clients are more than ever very eager to find yacht deals with quick deliveries. Indeed, after waiting long time due to the COVID-19 restrictions, clients want to enjoy time on board their private yacht with family and friends.

Regarding the origins of these yachts sold, Italy has confirmed its leading position for new build sales. So far Italian yards have sold 58 of the 90 yachts sold, a share of 64%. For comparison, in 2017 and 2018 the Italian market share represented 41-44% of sold new builds.

If we compare year 2021 with the previous years 2018/2019/2020, we can say that the yacht sales are performing very well. The number of 90 sales is equal to year 2017 and not far behind from the sales numbers of 2018, which is the year with the highest amount of new yacht sales in the past ten years. The segment 60-to-80-meter vessels is the one performing better, but there are also very good results in the 40-to-50-meter yacht segment.

In comparison to the year of 2019, spec sale was a much smaller part of overall new yacht sales back then, at 41 out of 110 sales. This year, speculation and stock sales had an almost equal share. If we compare this to the ‘top selling’ year of 2018, spec sales represented a much smaller part of the overall new yacht sales – 41 out of 110 sales. However, we do notice that nowadays, popular units of Italian and British builders are increasingly selling before their construction is started, which could lead to a majority share of sales of projects started for the client in the sales results for the full year of 2021.

In conclusion, the superyacht brokerage market has shown a quick and successful recovery from the impact of Covid-19 pandemic – showing great sale performance. The used yacht market is doing particularly well, as more and more clients are looking for fast yacht deliveries.

The current number of new yachts listed for sale are not in line with the actual sales – showing a slower pace and making the market seem tighter from the broker point of view.



Eric Althaus