By: Beatrice Chiardi
May 10th, 2021

This year’s Superyacht Design Festival will take place in Milan on 15 – 16 July 2021, and it sets to not only bring together the frontrunners of the industry, but to discuss the world of design with the experts.

Up until now, the 2021 edition is to be held in collaboration with Event Partners such as Oceanco, Azimut Benetti and Videoworks.

Some hot design topics will be discussed during this event, sharing future ideas and communicating to the industry what trends are being implemented by designers.

  • Power of Collaboration : Household name Alberto Alessi will outline what makes a successful partnership as a designer and how you can go about finding one. 
  • Autonomous Yachting : A fully detailed outline will be discussed on the cutting-edge technologies already being put to the test on the fringes of the industry and what needs to happen for their usage to become mainstream.
  • Sensory Design : Research has shown that our senses interact with each other and actually affect how we experience pleasure onboard. So, what if you could create a super yacht specifically designed to trigger the body’s senses? 
  • Responsive Design : Interactive design may be spectacular, but they come with their own unique set of challenges. We look at how these installations can enhance life on board, the groundwork that goes into installing them and the most exciting possibilities on the horizon. 
  • Fossil Fuel Free – Can it happen? : To find out whether a 100% fossil-free yacht ever be true reality, a group of hybrid experts will divulge their knowledge and insight into what is yet to come from the new-builds we are yet to see.

Besides this above trends, the Superyacht Design Festival will also mention the “state of the market”.  After a complicated and challenging year,  insights into the status of the super yacht industry will be shared, along with the different emerging sectors, growing areas of interest and predictions for the nearby future.

Besides the Superyacht Design Festival, the yacht design sector is continuously evolving and creating the most technologically advanced concepts. Here below you will find some of the most extreme super yachts concepts in the world: 


Created by Iddes Yachts, this super yacht concept measures 300 metres, and promotes green technology. Earth 300 features 22 on board laboratories and the capacity to hold more than 400 guests on board, including 160 scientists, 20 experts-in-residence, 20 students, 40 VIP guests and 165 crew. Other features include an observation deck, a 46-metre beam and an interior dedicated to scientific research and expedition.


Penned by Beiderbeck Designs, this 200 metre project is intended to “shift the limits of what is feasible”. The catamaran features a methanol propulsion system. Some of the onboard key features include a fold-down restaurant and harbour area with an 80 metre pier and all the facilities of a fully equipped marina. Project Galileo² features storage for up to 25 tenders, submersibles and toys and boasts an outdoor cinema, hospital and 500 square metre pool. 38 guests and 75 crew can be accommodated on board.


Lazzarini Design is the author of this 137-meter swan inspired superyacht concept: Avanguardia. Named after its English meaning of ‘vanguard’, the concept features an extendable control tower resembling the head of a swan.The head can even be detached from the yacht entirely and used as a separate 16 metre boat. Spread across five decks, Avanguardia accommodates 24 guests, 10 crew and 12 staff.


The well-known Italian shipyard Codecasa has created a futuristic 70 metre aircraft inspired superyacht design. Codecasa Jet 2020 is packed with stylistic features “borrowed” from the world of aviation design, including a sundeck that extends aft to recall “the tail of an aircraft”. Other features include “huge exterior and interior spaces”, swimming pool and covered gym.


Designed by the French designer Thirerry Gauggin, this “ultra-modern” 120 metre superyacht concept “Project L  is inspired by the “smooth form of a beach pebble”. Project L can be fully opened, guaranteeing full connection with the surrounding ocean. Powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion package, Project L is designed to “glide” through the water. Futuristic features include a high-tech underwater media room, drive-in tender garage and submarine escape pod.


Traditional Asian sailing vessels and paper folding art, inspired this 100 metre concept from Monaco-based artist George Lucian. Origami elements include a portside section that folds out to create a touch-and-go helipad, as well as a glass-sided observation lounge. Another hot features is the full-beam swimming pool with 360-degree views out to sea.

Lucian adds: “The project is designed for an owner who would not be afraid of stepping out of the traditional sailing yacht shapes, and going beyond anything that was built before, in terms of design, technology and environmental friendliness.”


Designed by Italian studio BFMV, Bolla is a 65 metre superyacht concept that won bronze in the yacht and marine vessels category at the 2015 A’Design Awards. 

Bolla features a dive centre and an on-board vegetable garden to further enhance the yacht’s close affinity with nature. BFMV also has plans for a custom made tender that would closely mirror the design of the mothership.


British Iraqi Architect Zaha Hadid is well known for jazzing things up. He designed this 90-meter concept developed for Blohm + Voss and known as  Jazz. Structural supports have been moved outward to open up the interior to palatial spaces.

This design pushes the interaction between inside and outside to the extreme, and the fluid form recalls the shapes of marine creatures. The external supports free up the interior for huge and unbroken spaces, a principle that Hadid has applied in many of her building towers.


Beatrice CHIARDI