By: Beatrice Chiardi
 November 9th, 2020


In the past years the multi-hull industry has quickly evolved from an aesthetically and performance standpoint, making these vessels highly demanding. Great emphasis on the design has been made to improve the boating structure and increase the cruising speed. Some of the most important advantages that the catamarans offer include ample interior and exterior spaces, complete relaxing comfort, and optimal sailing stability. 

Referring to the data above, as we can see from our past summer charters, more and more clients who are willing to spend a calm week with their family demand these kind of vessels. They are the perfect choice for cruising the West Med area in total tranquility, especially with children or large families or groups. A catamaran is the optimal charter choice, both for couple and families. Couples may choose a smaller catamarans, that still offers wide spaces and total relaxations. Families, instead, may decide to charter a bigger catamaran seen the outstanding space that children have to play and amuse themselves. 

Concerning concrete data of the “multi-hull international report 2019”, the demand for medium sized catamaran has significantly grown and is likely to grow increasingly due to her important cruising and practical advantages. Regarding the geographical area, Europe holds the majority of share in the global catamarans market, production industry owing to more technologically advanced manufacturing infrastructure required for world-class product ranges. 

Both purchase and charter markets are influenced by the clients’ demand for catamarans. 

Concerning the charter segment, if we consider the relationship between the space on board and the charter weekly price, we may observe that catamarans are more cost effective in comparison with motor-yachts. 

This economical advantage is also one of the main components that justifies the clients’ demand of multi-hulls. Cruising along the French Riviera or spending a week  in Sardinia are just some of the most common destinations that family request for their summer holidays. Most of the clients are friends and families, thus groups of people that have the need to have ample space on board for full entertain and privacy, when required.

Catamaran is real luxury. Nowadays more and more clients are coming towards the multi-hull market, as well as more and more builders are working on evolving more and more the catamaran industry, to create additional luxury and features for our future clients.


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Beatrice CHIARDI