By: Beatrice Chiardi
21st June, 2021

Each super-yacht is different one from the other. The differences relate to the size, the builder, the year of construction, the exterior and interior designer and the types of amenities on board.

This news will focus on the types of amenities on board, and which are the ones that most guests demand during their charter holiday. The amenities on board are also strictly linked to the guests’ experience – in fact, these can vary if the people on board are couples or families with kids.


Health and wellness are big trends, that now more than ever are in the mind of the majority of people. The majority of guests have the aim to relax during their yacht charter holiday and, therefore, a wellness center is the perfect solution.  Many of the wellness centers include dedicated massage rooms and gyms with top quality equipment. In addition there can even be plunge pools, small beauty salons and saunas and/or steam rooms. 

Among the most exclusive and luxury spa center we can find the one on board 72-meter Abeking & Rasmussen “Cloudbreak”.


Swimming pools are surely one of the most common features on board. They are an optimal design element, as well as the perfect solution for guests to relax and enjoy their cruising experience. Swimming pools can be of various dimensions and shapes, but overall they are characterized by an outstanding exterior view. Some pools include massage functions, while other are standard pools with a separate jacuzzi for further relaxation and massage options.

One of the most requested pools is the infinity pool, as we can see here below on board 80-meters Oceanco “Alfa Nero”.


Sure, saloons and staterooms all have TVs, but why not using the exterior deck space or an indoor cabin for a dedicated cinema for wonderful pop corn and movie nights with family and friends. Most of the super-yacht has a dedicated room with big screens, some truly theater quality, and equally big, comfortable couches. Nowadays technology has deeply efolvedand the quality of the audio and sound systems are just breathtaking.  Guests can experience the real thrill of the movie, almost as if they were part of it.


As mega-yachts get bigger, tenders get stowed in aft garages. With the ongoing idea of maximizing relaxation space, owners and designers prefer shifting garages slightly forward, to free up the transom. This allows the creation of the famous beach club, with a waterside lounge allowing an easy and smooth entrance into the water. Fold-down platforms on all three sides bring more of that outdoor feeling inside. To heighten the ambiance, making it chic,  beach clubs often have a bar, gym, spa, or tanning lounge. 

An example of a fabulous beach club is the iconic “Silver Fox”, 48M T-Line by Baglietto Yachts.


Gone are the days of simply having a large stateroom forward on the main or upper deck. Today’’s super-yachts require a whole apartment on a private deck to satisfy the demanding owners. This allows owners, not only have a private balcony, but to have a fully dedicated deck for full time privacy and comfort.

An example of a super Owner deck can be found on board 66-meter Feadship “Vanish”.


Most of the super-yachts have either a touch & go or a completely dedicated heli-deck. This allows guests to have an exclusive and fast mean of transport for stunning experiences and thrilling escapes. The difference between a proper help deck and a touch & go related to the option of cruising with the helicopter on board. If the yacht has a touch & go it means that the landing is permitted but not helicopter can be stored on board during the cruise. With a proper helicopter deck and the needed certificates and dedicated crew members, the helicopter can stay on board for unlimited times.

With the an increasing size of yachts becoming more common and the evolution of technology, it is now easier to spot a yacht with her own helicopter.


As sport is becoming more and more demanding, super-yachts are increasingly including sport features to stay up with the pace. Some of the most famous super-yachts are characterized by a real dedicated tennis court, a golf simulator, a basketball or football court.



Beatrice CHIARDI