By: Beatrice Chiardi
23rd August, 2021

As the way of living on bord changes, due to technical advancements and new living options, guests are more and more demanding to stay closer to the water. The beach club, in fact, has resulted to be one of the most demanded key features on board super-yachts.

Furthermore, beach clubs have also been one of the most requested features following the great pandemic period, that required great outdoor space for socialization and health protection. It is for this reasons that both charterers and yacht owners have started to give great emphasis to the outdoor area of their vessel.

Beach clubs are becoming increasingly popular and sophisticated, giving guests the opportunity to be outdoor, near the sea level, and with the possibility to stay at the shade. Many beach clubs are enriched with great amenities on board: for example some beach clubs have an entry to the spa or gym area, giving the chance to finish the workout or detox massage and dive into the sea. 

The beach club is also an important feature that transmits a specific style to the yacht. They can have different functions, depending on the amenities, the type of guests on board and their requests and habits.

With time, as features and trends evolve, so did the beach clubs and the related usage. Some years ago, beach clubs were just aft bathing platforms shaded by a raised transom door and backed by the toy garage. Nowadays, they are similar to pool “houses”, styled with TV screens, sofas, adjoining gyms and spas, and cocktail bars.

In addition, the beach clubs have now an internal staircase that leads to the main deck, therefore connecting these two parts of the yacht. This is because changes have arised in the way yachts are used. The upper decks were once the most important areas on board, where parties, cocktails and socialization took place. Now life is moving downstairs, closer to the sea and with the opportunity to have inside-outside spaces – “like verandas or loggias”.

These spaces can be equipped for entertainment too. For example on board 55-meter Baglietto “Severin’s” designed by Francesco Paszkowski, the beach club is not only equipped with a steam shower, but is also has a 4K-resolution LED wall with an area of about six square metres suitable for video art or screening movies or sports. 

Another stunning beach area may be seen on board 50-meter Rossinavi LEL. Launched in 2020 and designed by Luca Dini, the yacht hosts an expansive and versatile beach club to make the most of the open air and water. Dini’s idea was to create a type of terrace overlooking the sea, where nature and technology fuse together.  The partially indoor space, separated from the garage by an automatic door, is spacious enough to store the tender. However, when furnished, it becomes an elegant area at sea level with a dedicated bar that extends out over the water – the perfect setting for seaside living and social entertaining.

Image credit: Michele Chiroli


Beatrice CHIARDI