By: Beatrice Chiardi
8th June, 2021

The development of the Genoa Megayacht Hub: millions pumped to increase the support facilities

Through a partnership between the repair and refit firm Amico & Co and the superyacht incoming business Pesto Sea Group, the port of Genoa, in the recent years, has been affected by a big refit work with the objective to attract more of the world’s largest yachts and become one of the leading yachting destination along the riviera. 

The Eastern Waterfront Project was funded by the Genoa Municipality along with the help of private investors with the aim to assist and host yacht from 30 to 110 meters. Instead, the Genoa Superyacht Hub has been funded entirely by Amico & Co and Pesto Sea Group. The idea of this innovation and big infrastructure development raised from the fact that approximately 70% of the world’s superyacht fleet cruises in and around the Mediterranean. This leads the governments of these countries to invest significantly in marine infrastructure, in order to attract the wealthy clientele and boast the local economy.

“Genoa has further strengthened its leadership by investing in urban transformation and new infrastructure for hosting and managing large yachts,” the partnership stated.

The project has been created with the desire of promoting the excellence of the companies’ services, such as assistance, and technical and hospitality services, targeted towards the international superyacht community in a synergic and efficient way, as well as valorising the cultural and environmental characteristics and quality of life that the Italian and Genoese territories have to offer.”

Nowadays, with this port development, all yacht entities such as yacht owners, yacht captains, charter managers, crew members and staff will be the key users of the hub, seizing the opportunity to make the expertise of Amico & Co and Pesto Sea Group more accessible.

With these extensive works, Amico & Co, the city of Genoa and local partners aim to give a new identity to Genoa in the yachting sphere. Genoa will quickly become a world leading full-range megayacht destination where shipyards, marinas and the city itself will cooperate together to deliver the best human resources, infrastructures, visit sites, and yacht management. Italian manufacturing capability, lifestyle and culture will be at the service of the yachting community, delivering consistent business relationships and an enjoyable stay.

To increase the popularity of Genova, Amico & Co, together with 30 other local partners and specialized companies, recently founded the association “Genova for Yachting”. The aim was to establish a fruitful and consistent communication with the local Port Authority and city administration to facilitate positive changes, by:

– Creating easier logistical connections between port and city;

– Providing new services and office areas throughout the shipyard facilities;

– Maintaining the yachting community at the forefront of the Genoa East waterfront development that will take place from 2019 to 2022

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Beatrice CHIARDI