By: Beatrice Chiardi
January 5th, 2021

As we are stepping away from 2020, we can clearly identify some key superyacht trends which have been introduced by worldwide recognised shipyards. Year by year the yachting domain evolves, from the technologies used to build a yacht to the final interior and exterior design features implemented.

For sure in 2021 we styles and trends will come out, dictated by the continuous evolving life habits and tastes, latest advanced technologies, new design materials, and environment-friendly features.


Sustainability is a real evolving trend that aims to decrease the environmental impact, seen both in the construction process and in the interior and exterior design of super yachts.

Since this past decade, the concept of “sustainability” is rising in the mind of all the industry. Shipyards are continuously pushing hybrid propulsion option, while  interior designers offer eco-friendly materials. Concerning the the engine room, more yachts are focusing on the IMO Tier III bandwagon, such as the new built Aquamarine Project by Heesen Yachts.

Numerous design companies have switched to the use of sustainable sources and materials for the craft of yacht outdoor and indoor areas. Some example of eco friendly materials include bamboo, synthetic teak, and Quartz. Quartz, for example, is better for the environment than natural stones such as granite, which, according to the US Environment Protection Agency, may give off trace amounts of radon. Furthermore, quartz is also cheaper than marble and granite per square foot, lasts longer and is recyclable.


Technological progress is key in the yacht construction process, aiming to maximise the best experience of yacht life, as well as permitting the cruise in remote destinations.

Nowadays, technology makes everything possible. It shapes our lives and the way we work, relax and have fun. Technological developments are advancing faster and faster, and providing ever-more possibilities in terms of comfort, ease of use and enjoyment.

An example can be seen in the new built by Heesen Yachts: Project ALTEA. Sistership to motor yacht HOME, Project ALTEA offers new technological surprises, such as the use of the latest twin MTU 12V 2000 diesel engines making it, up to now, one of the fastest and most economical motor yachts in her class. Furthermore, her shallow draft of only 2,15 meters make exploration possible. In fact, she capable of cruising in the most remote and difficult locations, making her the optimal vessel for extreme cruising and discovery.


The idea of “modernity” is more and more entering the designers’ minds. Black finishes are highly requested and desired, giving a modern and minimalistic footprint. This Superyacht design trend can be seen both in the exterior and interior spaces. Black brings a unique type of sophistication to furniture, creating a sense of elegance and timeless appeal.

Convertibility is also a main concept in today’s yacht design. Today’s client prototype has changed. The average age is around the 40’s and they all have families. In today’s world, clients reach for a less over-designed yacht, being less ostentatious than their parents’. They look for something more personal and homely. Therefore, convertibility is key.

This idea can be completely observed in the 72meter SOLO, built by Tankoa Yachts and designed by the famous duo: Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini. “There are a few double-duty areas,” says Paszkowski. “The hair-dressing-massage room on the upper deck can be converted into an additional cabin, with a bathroom close by; on the owner’s deck his independent TV room is convertible into an additional guest cabin.”

Moreover, the use of fabrics is also a main component of convertibility, identified as the ability of the interior to be adapted by the owner over time. The interior is styled with an elevate use of fabrics. In this way the atmosphere can be changed when wished in a convenient and affordable way. For example, when the client’s daughter becomes a teen, the decor of her cabin can be quickly  adjusted to match her evolving tastes and age.


Glass is an upcoming design trend which highlights the feeling of wider spaces, evoking a perfect harmony in any contemporary design. Floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as modern lighting are the optimal way to visually increase interior volumes and create the perfect flow between the indoor space and the sea water.

On board Custom Line 120’ guests are constantly in contact with the sea. Large windows highlight the continuity between the exterior and interior space, and increase the flow of natural light indoors. The concept of lighting and luminosity can also be identified in the guest cabins, especially the two amidships, where the beds face the bulwark to make the most of the view from the large hull windows.


An emerging design trend on board superyachts relates to the idea of creating look-a-like resorts, with spas, gyms, and entertainment centres.  The increasing desire of creating a floating relaxing retreat is, nowadays, a key feature in the mind of new yachting clients.

The concept related to the  increasing popularity of multifunctional spaces on board: a beach club lounge that doubles as a spa, or an infinity pools with floors that can be transformed into a sun-lounging haven or dance-floor.

On board Baglietto’s 48 series, SILVER FOX, a proper beach club has been created, and fully completed with a bar, gym and steam room. With the tender garage at bow, this arrangement suits the owner perfectly – guests can start relaxing on the beach club while the crew pulls off and organises the toys up front.

Another example can be see on board 77 metre GO built by Turquoise yachts. Featuring a 162 metre square beach club that opens on three sides, guests have direct access to the sea and can be amazed by breathtaking views and relaxation spots.

The Benetti superyacht SEANNA is another clear example of a chic and multifunctional beach club. With a couch and a large swim platform, she offers easy access to the water and a comfortable place to relax. Having been designed for family and friends, it is an ideal area for the family to be together;  the kids can play in full view of the adults, lounging on the sofa with refreshment in hand. SEANNA is also known as having one of the best superyacht gyms on water-level.

* :  “Superyacht design trends to look out for in 2021

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