By: Eric Althaus
November 24th, 2020

Nowadays the concept of sustainability is at the center of most yachting projects and developments. The main answer we have to ask ourselves, when analysing this theme, is: “what can the yachting industry do to reduce its impact on the environment and further sustainability?”. In honour of the third episode of Heesen’s chat show YachtTalk, a dedicated group of professional, including Peter Van Der ZandenGeneral Manager Design and Development at Heesen Yachts, opened up discussions on this topic.

From Peter Van Der Zanden’s opinion, the best way to improve the fuel economy is always to reduce the resistance of the yachts. In fact, the lower the resistance of the yards are and the lower is the power required to be installed for the same speed.

Heesen Yachts aims to optimise low forms and develop new hull designs. This idea, together with traditional aluminium construction, gives the best effect and solution.

Referring to the fuel efficiency by comparing steel and aluminum yachts, we can observe a gain of 20 to 30 percent.

Heesen not only follows the latest emission regulations, but also tries to be ahead of them – by developing detailed studies and further developments. For example, a aluminum yacht under 500 GT is currently under construction at the Heesen shipyard and she will be delivered in 2021. This new construction is known as “Project Aquamarine”,  the first hull in Heesen’s new 5000 Aluminium class. It will be the first fast-cruising yacht below 500GT to be IMO Tier III compliant thanks to MTU’s new green oceanic engines and an efficient new hull design.

Five years ago Heesen Yachts started to design the first hybrid yacht. The optimal combination of hybrid with the shipyard’s typical aluminum round form is unique. Hybrid is a step forward concerning the issue of sustainability, but is not the optimal solution. Furthermore, it is also fundamental to gain knowledge and experience regarding the hybrid system, in order to be prepared for the future innovations, such as the concept of “electric”.

Hydrogen will surely be the future of sustainable yachting. As long as the electricity is produced in sustainable way, zero fuel emissions will be produced. At this stage, the first studies regarding the hydrogen yacht are being made. Heesen is preparing itself, so that when the required technology for Superyacht (50 meters above ) will be ready, the shipyard will have the right knowledge and expertise to create the first hydrogen yacht.

Having collaborate with Heesen Yachts for more than 30 years, we are everyday more proud of our strong and concrete collaboration. We hope to continue to be successful, and we wish Heesen Yachts to continue to always be in line with the latest trends and technologies.



Eric Althaus