By: Beatrice Chiardi
October 29th, 2020


Viewing the sanitary conditions we are experiencing, countries are implementing various sanitary requirements to make charter holidays safe and pleasing for the guests. It is the case of the famous winter yacht charter destination: St. Maarten.

For the Caribbean charter season 2020-2021, the St. Maarten government has put into place a new protocol regarding the obligation of testing for the crew and the guests arriving by plane. This condition may change based on the continuous evolution of this sanitary situation. 

Concerning the testing protocol, the guests and crew must have a  negative COVID-19 rt-PCR result of the test taken within 120 hours prior to departure to St. Maarten. Beside the testing, a completed and signed form will be asked at the arrival – Click here to learn more:

However, there might be some difficulties to meet the above requirements, especially for the crew arriving from far away countries. In this case, the time of travel may be an issue. In this case, crew members will be allowed to arrive to St. Maarten if they come from the following locations: Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines and South Africa. Other additional locations are in process of being taken into consideration by the gouvernement.

In addition, to leave their home country crew members must show proof of a negative rt-PCR test taken within 120 hours of departure, as well as the captain’s logbook. Once arrived to St. Maarten, in case the test is expired or not valid, another test will be taken at their own expenses. 

Concerning the arriving vessels, if a yacht comes from a country with low-risk of transmission, no test is required. For the moment, the countries with low-risk transmission include Anguilla and St Barths.

If the vessel is arriving from a moderate or high-risk country, a rt-PCR test is required 120 hours prior to departure from the last port of call. The rt-PCR test results and the required documents must be given to a yacht agent before arrival. This yacht agent will organize the testing upon request and the vessels must remain in quarantine until reception of the test results.

Even for the yachts there are some exceptions. Vessels are able to come to St. Maarten without testing for a maximum of 48 hours in transit (for fuelling, provisioning purposes, etc.). However, under this option, all members must remain in quarantine on board.


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Beatrice CHIARDI