La Villa

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Jérémy Kitzinger

Project : LAVILLA, your home away from home

Engineered by Lateral Naval Architects
Enabled by Oceanco Shipyard
LAVILLA is developed around how families live and interact. How time is spent together, and how space can enhance freedom and creativity. The inspiration behind LAVILLA is conceived by Jérémy Kitzinger in collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects. Enabled by Oceanco on their DP061 platform, LAVILLA is developed with two driving forces in mind; Flow & Family.

Designed from the inside out, LAVILLA offers a new-found flow to superyacht living space, providing uninterrupted views and open floors connecting decks and people. While many superyacht concepts start life as artistic lines, LAVILLA began as a simple block. Going back the basic design principles, LAVILLA was designed using golden ratios and step-by-step layout development to form and shape the perfect platform for expansive space, unbreakable lines of sight, while still possessing a sense of togetherness.

LAVILLA’s innovative layout features

  • An entire living space developed without corridors and studied to offer a perfect continuity from the lower deck to the upper deck.
  • A grand central atrium, touching 9m in height.
  • Open ceilings throughout the accommodation and an open forward garden on the main deck.
  • Natural incoming light amongst the living spaces, creating a warm feel in every area.
  • Adaptable multipurpose areas and an open plan living area featuring a 4m height ceilings and an open family kitchen.
  • A full deck dedicated to the owner’s family.
  • 2 Family Suites, 1 kids’ bunkroom and up to 11 Family/Friends cabins, LAVILLA can welcome up to 24 guests, more than enough for friends and family to visit and experience LAVILLA.
  • Half-court sports field, along with an infinity jacuzzi on her sky decks.
  • A watersport club in addition to the classical tender garage.

Crédit photo : Bruno Buisson / SuperYacht Times