By: Beatrice Chiardi
April 20th, 2021

When defining the multiple factors to create a unique yacht charter experience, it is important to take into consideration multiple elements. Even the slightest detail must be considered in order to strive for great customer satisfaction and unique yacht experiences.

The selection criteria regarding a specific charter holiday is highly significant to guarantee both satisfaction and cost effectiveness. The yacht specialist, also known as charter broker or yacht consultant, has the duty to listen to the clients’ requests, desires, tastes and hobbies. The main factors to know, in order to plan the right charter experience, are:

  • Charter destination
  • Number of guests on board 
  • Type of guests (friends, families, couples)
  • Financial budget
  • Charter length
  • Yacht preference (motor yacht, sailing yacht, catamaran)
  • Any toys or specific amenity requested

On top of these main factors, there are other factors that lead these primary ones and outline the final yacht charter experience. For example, in relation to the specific budget of the guests, there are a series of yachts that may be proposed. Furthermore, the financial budget also affects the number and types of amenities on board. Of course, with a higher budget a bigger yacht can be chosen and, therefore, more amenities and entertainment facilities included.

An optimal guest experience is also given by the crew on board. In fact, many say that the crew is the most significant part of the whole holiday and the main element able to guarantee great satisfaction, fun, and relaxation. Each crew member contributes to transforming a great vacation choice into a magical experience. Among the crew members, there is the chef which has the aim to study the type of guest on board in order to offer a tailor-made culinary experience throughout the charter.

This said, a good and experienced charter broker assesses the crew when recommending a yacht in order to maximise the experience on board.

The holiday goal is also very important. For example, if you are in search of total relaxation then it would be great to have a spa, jacuzzi and massage room on board. Instead, if you are a sport-enthusiast it is essential to have an interesting array of water toys, as well as a dedicated crew member for diving and snorkelling classes. Furthermore, if the guests desire to visit the different destinations, a personalised charter itinerary will be created by the yacht captain and charter broker, assuring that all visit experiences and explorations are fulfilled.

Overall, a yacht charter experience is the result of a long work.  A great number of different factors are taken into consideration to personalise each charter holiday in relation to the kind of guests. For repeated charter guests it is highly significant to consider past feedbacks and reviews, in order to try to improve every time and not neglect any small detail requested.

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Beatrice CHIARDI