The Heritage: I DYNASTY, the 101m Kusch Yachts mega yacht, designed by The A Group and launched in 2015.

The A group is a creative and close-knit team of architects, designers and naval architects. The company, which has 35 years of experience in yachting, interiors, design and construction projects has recently expanded into the architectural field with the arrival of experienced architect Jerome Hein.

While designing a building, a yacht or an interior, The A group’s philosophy is to never neglect the engineering and construction aspects of a project for the benefit of the building process and the final product. They produce various designs with close consideration of Client’s requirements in terms of style, timing and budget.

With many industry award winning projects to their credit, The A group is at the fore-front of innovative design, involving the best suppliers and subcontractors, resulting in an uncompromising level of quality. Their Clients supply the dream vision and The A group ensure to make it a reality.

Like in every creative market such as fashion for example, I think that everything is a matter of time. We will always be inspired by the past to create the future, adding of course new technologies and new building knowledge.

The -Timeless- notion is very important for me. I like contrasted and balanced projects instead of extreme and excessive ones.

A timeless project will always be successful. Jerome Hein, Architect, The A Group”

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