By: Beatrice Chiardi
October 22nd, 2020


Our expert Beatrice Chiardi is pleased to share the latest studies of today’s yacht market concerning exploring new charter destinations and the new related trends.

How to discover the best unexplored destinations around the world?

The luxury domain is constantly characterised by emerging and influential trends that impact the way customers and clients think, act and behave.

From a yachting standpoint, more and more Ultra High Worth-Net Individuals (UHNWI) desire to contrast the experience of five-star luxury with that of living lifetime adventures and thrilling moments. 

With the increase of millennials becoming the new yacht Owners, the trend of “exploring the unseen” has quickly become one of the top on the list. On a yacht the guests are free to cruise where they desire and many are the destinations still unexplored and great appeal around the globe.

Nowadays, guests are in search of what’s new, exciting and fascinating. There is a continuous and growing desire to access remote locations, such as Antarctica, Asia, and Northern Europe. As a result to this emerging and key trend, the number of explorer yachts with ice-breaking hulls is continuously increasing, as is the amount of long range vessels allowing to travel to great distances. Furthermore, the demand of toys on board is high, due to the fact that guests are in constant search of full-time entertainment, adventures, and unique experiences. 

Changing demographics among HNWI and UHNWI individuals have ushered in a new and exciting demand for explorer yachts and adventure travel excursions. The next generation of wealthy individuals has a different mentality than the previous generation. The new clients do not always desire to travel to famous countries, book luxury restaurants, and have all requested facilities near them. Many of today’s clients desire to be isolated and discover places that have rarely been explored. 

Thrill is the new luxury.

This trend is emerging at a very high speed, and rapidly influencing clients’ behaviours and demands. In fact, by analyzing the charter market, five years ago there were very few explorer vessels available for our clients. Throughout these past years many shipyards have considered this strong trend of exploring new charter destinations and have been working hard to build the right kind of vessels with high level performance and great eye appeal. 

As a result, current explorer yachts have all the fine amenities of traditional vessels, but have also very specific features and characteristics, such as: stronger hulls, less outdoor space, greater storage space (larger garages, more refrigerators, and much more) and other considerations for voyages in remote areas and extreme conditions. 

From the desire to engage with the surrounding nature to innovative technology, the dreams and values of UHNWI are rapidly evolving and, therefore, pushing and stimulating the yachting industry to constantly develop and change. 

Explore the Norwegian Fjords or the North Pole! Here below is a selection of the most appealing and demanded explorer yachts available for charter we work with:

LEGEND | Icon Yachts | 1975 – 2015 | 77,4 m

YERSIN | Piriou | 2014 | 76,6 m 

PLANET NINE | Admiral | 2018 | 73 m

PROJECT RAGNAR | Icon Yachts | 2012-2020 | 68 m

*Ref: Wealth-X report (2020)

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Beatrice CHIARDI