By: Eric Althaus
30th May, 2021

Nowadays evolving trends are the main ways for an industry to evolve and to adapt to the new clientele. An example is the new build sectors, highly influenced by current trends that are affecting the way a yacht looks like, as wells as how it is used and perceived.

There are some main elements that, in time, have changed and are the main pillars of this current evolvement.


While there are still clients that think that “big is better”, the industry numbers tells us that the most demanded yacht projects belong to the segment 70-meters and under. The shipyard depends on the taste of the client, however the most common choices are Lurssen and Feadship.

Yacht sizing 70-meters under have all the characteristics and amenities to satisfy the tastes and desires of each client. Above this size, it is all a matter of ego. Furthermore, a 70-meter can almost go anywhere, while larger super-yachts may only cruise in specific areas and ports.


Design has been, from the start, a very impacting trend. Depending on the years, the design trend has changed and evolved adapting to the fashion of the moment and famous interior and exterior designers. During these years, the “classic” profile has been reintroduced and requested.

Although the yachting industry is continuously evolving, classical details are coming back into the design sphere. 

The explorer yacht concept has also gained popularity in recent years, with a significant number of projects being built. In addition, the explorer design and trend is strictly linked to the type of clientele. In fact, nowadays, more and more clients belong to a younger age, are more involved in adventurous types of holidays, and are willing to discover remote destinations still unexplored of our planet.


Nowadays as the whole world is changing and adapting to the latest technological developments, also the yachting industry is making this move. On board, new technologies and requirements need to be satisfied, in order to meet the clients’ needs and wants. As we may say, today a technological advancement is no more a television on the wall, but a wall that transforms into a television. Other examples of integrated technologies happen to be glass elevators, glass floors facing the underwater level, outdoor cinema areas, and more. Furthermore, today the yacht’s A/C, music and lights are all controlled with the use of an iPad. 

Furthermore, new technologies are being studied and launched. As the majority of super-yacht Owners are used to the kind of service where they don’t have to ask for anything as the crew already knows what they want and when, new technical systems are being implemented. This is the case of Crestron App, which is seeing a rise in localisation systems, allowing the yacht to be alerted via Bluetooth as soon as the Owner walks into a particular room.


With new technologies, habits and trends, more and more Owners are coming up with innovative ideas, wanting something different and wanting to be involved in the process of creating something unique, one-of-a-kind.

Due to current 3D renderings and virtual realities, the Owner does not need to be able to read a drawing anymore. He feels part of the project and, therefore, is willing to collaborate and work alongside the chosen professionals. For the most part, Owners enjoy the exploration and revising part. However, it is fundamental that the client understand the feedbacks given by the build team, in order to evaluate if an idea may be feasible or not. 

This trend leads to great positivity and results, making the Owner be conscious of what is going on since the very start. Therefore, the end result is a better-informed customer with a better-fitting product. 

For sure, nowadays, yacht Owners are becoming more knowledgeable about the yachting sector, therefore they might have clear ideas of what they want and who they want to work with. For example, there are some key professional entireties that should be carefully selected before starting a yachting project from scratch. It is the case of the naval architect, the shipyard and the designers. These professional are fundamental in the development of the yachting project, impacting also the resale value, the conditions of the yacht in time, and the worldwide notoriety of the vessel.

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Eric Althaus