By: Beatrice Chiardi
7th July, 2021

Althaus Luxury Yachting is proud to announce the sale of Navetta 28 “MIOTU 4”, delivering great client satisfaction at 360-degrees. During whatever yacht sale transaction, it is important to keep in mind some solid values that function as the main pillars of our company. Nevertheless it is important to create a honest, strong and healthy relationship with the client, delivering the highest level of services with great passion, and professionalism.

Navetta 28 has been a quick sale. In less than one month, the client has received the yacht he have always desired. The senior broker Eric Althaus, in collaboration with the in-house broker Stig Bugge Jensen, adds: “When you find chemistry and you are able to build a trustworthy relationship with your client you have won. My goal was to make him happy and make his yachting project real. If he wins, I win”.

Solid principles describe Althaus Luxury Yachting and are the fundamentals of every yacht service, whether a sale, a charter, a new construction, or a refit. 

TRUST is the first. The first word that puts everything into place. If the client trusts his yacht broker and vice versa, all solutions are possible. Trust means relying on your professional, it means listening to the expertise of the broker and following the client’s desires with honesty and sincerity. No other interest should overcome. 

Of course great EXPERTISE and TRANSPARENCY should not be underestimated. Eric states: “We, yacht brokers, have the big responsibility to transform our client’s demands into reality. Great professionalism and transparency need to travel hand in hand to work primarily for our client’s interest and to find the best and most convenient solution. During the sale of Navetta 28, the client has shown great understanding and trustworthiness from the beginning. From the start he has been proud to work together, we demonstrated great synergy and a shared passion for the sea”.

For a yacht transaction to run smoothly the broker needs to have an only goal in mind: CLIENT SATISFACTION. If the client is happy, the broker has proudly fulfilled his goal. The client needs to feel at ease with his broker; in other words: great chemistry needs to happen!

The client and his family were over the moon when the yacht was delivered!”, Eric adds.

To finalize a perfect yacht deal, the crew’s happiness is extremely relevant. Eric comments: “The crew on board was extremely enthusiastic of the new Owner. Great empathy and understanding has been immediately shown. Throughout the days the client asked me many times how the crew should be treated and what motivation should be given to make them satisfied and rewarded. He showed interest, and this made me proud…

As a result, HAPPY CREW means HAPPY OWNER, and vice versa. The Owner has the task to motivate his crew in some way, to make them happy and excited about their daily tasks. On the contrary, the crew needs to deliver high level services to the Owner, making him feel comfortable on board and, in some way, pampered as well.

Overall, besides the size and type of yacht, a healthy and successful yacht transaction needs to convey happiness to both sides. A strong and deep relationship between the client and its broker should be characterized by important values such as trust, expertise, satisfaction and transparency. When this result is achieved, no inconvenience can be a boundary to success and dream realization.

On behalf of Althaus Luxury Yachting team, we wish the new Owner loads of safe cruises and unique moments on board!

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Eric Althaus