By: Beatrice Chiardi
16th May, 2022

Today guests are aspiring to stay longer on board yachts, try taking longer holidays and travel farer away. According to an article published on Boat International, issued on May 2022,  today’s charterers reserve more time for themselves and thrive to experience lifetime adventures, characterized by unique discoveries and remote explorations.

Where once guests felt lucky to escape on a superyacht for a week, today’s charterers are taking lengthier trips than ever. This trend, which is commonly observed in the yachting industry, has arisen taking into account different factors:

  • The HNWI are younger and willing to cruise for longer periods (on average from two weeks to one month)
  • The trend of “exploring and cruising to the most remote destinations” is increasing in our clients’ minds
  • Remote working and pent-up holiday days have allowed charterers to take more time off work, as well as managing to combine work, school and play while enjoying their preferred cruising destinations.

More time on board also means that charter guests can satisfy life-long desires to visit bucket-list destinations or try out adventurous activities as part of their itineraries. Even if the mediterranean is still the most demanded and booked yacht charter destination, there are many areas of the world that are increasing in demand and notoriety. Among the most requested charter destinations and itinerary demands we find: Norther Europe / Svalbard, French Polynesia, Antarctica and the North Pole. 

It is due to the increase of time on board that far destinations are becoming more requested, as well as expedition and explorer vessels with unique facilities on board. During their cruising to unique destinations, guests can enjoy the most of the on board facilities, including using the helipad for off-piste skiing adventures and taking the five-seater submersible out for underwater exploration. 

Other activities that can be arranged by the crew on board, such as kayaking between icebergs, whale watching, visiting penguin colonies or scientific research centers, climbing spectacular peaks and even scuba diving during long Antarctic days of near-24-hour daylight.

Yacht brokers play a fundamental role. To satisfy the clients’ wish to discover unique destinations around the globe, proper and thrilling charter itineraries have to be created, combining entertainment and relaxation for both adults and kids, as well as the must-to-see areas.

As the clients are becoming younger, the presence of children on board is significantly increasing. This is why, many charterers request to have a wide selection of water sports available, as well as interior and exterior areas to dedicate to the kids. Some of the most demanded amenities include deck pool, beach club, easy access to the sea, fold-down side balconies, water toys, play area, owner dedicated deck.

Furthermore, on board some superyachts, you can also find on board laboratories, great storage facilities and a private hospital for medical treatment at sea. Usually these features are found in explorer or expedition vessels of great dimensions and built to make long journeys and ocean crossings.

As you can easily imagine, the crew is one of the most important elements to consider on a yacht, being a large component that influences the level of stay on board. For example, if there are children on board, a young and sportive crew team is requested and great entertainment activities need to be organized. At the contrary, if the charterers are all adults, it could be professional, in relation to the clients’ requests, to make sure to have an homogeneous and synergic crew (personal trainer, beauty expert, great chef). Furthermore, an excellent crew team needs to respect the level of privacy requested, as well as delivering the highest level of service in the most professional manner.

Another trend that is evolving more and more and has now reached many of our clients’ minds is “sustainability”. Yachts with great focus on hybrid or electric propulsion are increasing, as well as becoming more demanded. Nowadays clients have a great sense of protection towards our planet and feel the need to help and do their part. Eco-friendly yachts are a way for clients to cruise lowing the level of pollution, as well as enjoying more silent and peaceful cruising. From a financial standpoint, we can notice a significant reduction in fuel consumption. 

In some destinations, mostly sea locations, even day charters for a long period of time are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, chartering a yacht for the day only allows to serve the part of the clients who stay in private villas for land-based holidays and have the wish to cruise during the day and enjoy the sea life. These charters consist of clients who use the yacht during the day and prefer to sleep and dine on land. 

As time flies, the yachting domain is affected by the change of habits and of client stereotypes. The charter sector is greatly influenced by the new HNWIs and the trend of exploring the unseen. Furthermore, following the Covid lockdown, we have also observed an increase in longer holiday charters due to the fact that clients started to consider the importance of family gatherings.


Beatrice CHIARDI