By: Beatrice Chiardi
December 10th, 2020

The upcoming winter season is, for the charter industry, a highly requested period, in which, normally, clients organise vacations and decide to travel around the globe.

This year, with the spread of the pandemic situation, the whole industry has seen several changes, and different factors have been influencing the way the clients behave and live.

Later Bookings

The different Covid updates regarding each geographical area and the multiple travel restrictions have contributed to the rise of uncertainty in the clients’ mind, therefore decreasing the numbers of bookings in advance. The clients are taking more time to reflect and to understand the real sanitary conditions, as well as the restrictions of the interested locations. 

Despite the uncertainty of the period, the clients are more and more motivated and interested in getting on board for their next vacation. The concept of “living the present” has returned fundamental in each lives and, therefore, clients have the desire to spend some pleasing time with their loved ones.


During this pandemic situation and consequent uncertainty of the period, charter companies have agreed to become more flexible regarding the charter bookings, for example, concerning the option to postpone. As this pandemic situation is considered “force majeure”, the reasons can be multiple, such as the increased spread of the virus, the impossibility to reach the desired destination, health issues, and much  more.

Following this, charter companies have included a “cancellation addendum” into the standard MYBA contract, protecting clients morally and economically.

Travel Privately and Safely

To facilitate the travel and adopt further safety measures, clients have been suggested to fly privately, where possible. In this way, clients have the opportunity to book their private jets to reach their requested yacht for their holiday. Following this standpoint, many cooperations have made between jet and yacht charter brokers. The main goal is to make clients’ travel as safe and secure as possible, avoiding, where possible, crowded places.

Search for Warm Sunny Weather

Many Charterers and Owners seek to escape to reach warm and sunny destinations. The Caribbean, such as Bahamas, St. Barths and the Leeward Islands, is considered to be one of the most demanded charter location during the winter season. 

Seen the low rate of Covid infections, and the need of tourists flow, the Caribbean does not require a mandatory quarantine for the guests upon arrival. However, a PCR test must be taken upon arrival and a negative result is required.


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Beatrice CHIARDI