Following on from art and wine, BARNES is launching a new department focused on yachts. This development is accompanied by a close partnership with Althaus Luxury Yachting, a key player in the luxury sailing industry for more than 30 years. We met its founder, Eric Althaus, to find out more.

What are the objectives of this new department? BARNES Yachts is organized around several pillars, including the sale and purchase of yachts, seasonal rentals with more than 1,400 crewed yachts across the world, management (custom, port mooring, etc.), an exceptional concierge service, and a specially-designed office for yacht refit and new constructions. The president of BARNES, Thibault de Saint Vincent, and I share a passion for excellence. The idea of combining our know-how to create a wide panel of services aimed at yachts seemed quite natural!

What makes BARNES Yachts so special?

A team of professionals with more than 30 years of recognized expertise, partnered with the power of the BARNES network which has a presence in 60 destinations with 88 offices across the world. This offers an extraordinary guarantee: wherever you are in the world, a dedicated contact can instantly reply to your demands, whether you are selecting a cruise, a boat with a crew, or looking for advice in a transaction. What inspired your love for these seafaring giants? When I was a boy, I dreamed of building yachts and doing the same job as my father. At 21, I walked into his office in Monaco and began learning the ropes by his side. Together we went on to found Fraser Yachts, a leader in its industry and the result of a shared passion passed down from father to son.

What do you enjoy most in yachting?

The experience we offer our clients and the concept of limitlessness. My profession enables me to make people’s dreams come true, share an emotion, and ensure everything is exceptional.

How is the yacht market developing?

The rental market is rising sharply with higher demands for never-before-visited destinations and extreme experiences. The transactions market is also very active, along with the construction sector thanks to the emergence of greener alternatives for water treatment, propulsion methods, and air conditioning systems. Bespoke solutions are also increasingly sought-after by our clients, who are looking to enjoy totally unique experiences.