By: Beatrice Chiardi
8th June, 2022

Related to the concept of sustainability, the Principality of Monaco is since the start very active towards this issue. It is thanks to the Prince Albert II Monaco Foundation that the Principality plays a great role in protecting oceans and the surrounding sea life.

In Occasion of this special day, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco reminds us the key issues facing the world’s Ocean and the major meetings in which the Principality will be present: Lisbon Conference at the end of June and COP in October 2022. These events focus on the protection of the Oceans, enabling them to be placed at the heart of collective negotiations regarding our future.

As HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco states, “The various deadlines ahead of us must be an opportunity to provide responses adapted to the scale and complexity of the oceans and, above all, must be an opportunity to bring together skills, wills and approaches so that we can collectively respond to the immense challenges facing us. I hope that this day will help us to move forward, so that together we can reconcile humanity and the sea around a more sustainable development model.”

The concept of “green” and “sustainable” is present since many years, and has developed with time – thanks to new technologies, new developments and new concept. Protecting the ocean is a mission that we all have, and we all can contribute to making Earth a better and less polluted world to live in. Starting from the little things of our daily lives, to bigger evolutions in the maritime sector – we all can make a difference.

From a yachting standpoint, the industry has made significant improvements in these last years. Shipyards, naval architects and designers work strongly together to develop new sustainable concepts for a greener cruising experience. Furthermore, also Owners are requesting more electric vessels, characterized by a silent-mode cruising, less fuel consumption, and an electric propulsion system.

*The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is a global non-profit organisation committed to progressing Planetary Health for present and future generations. Founded by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in 2006, the Foundation aims to bring humanity together to empower impactful solutions for our planet’s biodiversity, climate, ocean and water resources.


Beatrice CHIARDI