By: Beatrice Chiardi
10th January, 2021

The yacht owner stereotype, within the years, has quickly evolved. As of today, the new superyacht owners are becoming younger, more curious and with a stronger desire to explore and live unique experiences. Nowadays the new UHNWI are making money at a younger stage in life and, therefore, have more time to enjoy their money and assets. With this new stereotype, also yachts are beginning to evolve rapidly. For example, there is an increasing demand in “explorer” yachts, as the young UHNWI are willing to explore the most remote areas of our planet and to live one-of-a-kind adventures full of thrill and excitement.

This said, shipyards are now focusing on increasing the sustainable technologies on board, in order to make the explore yachts greener and more eco-friendly. The trend of “sustainability” is currently a very present theme, as numerous owners aim to reduce fuel emissions, improve fuel consumption and decrease the negative effects towards our planet.

As a result, the aim of shipyards is to meld innovation and sustainability. Nowadays, numerous yachting clients are environmentally aware millennials who prefer a lighter way of life. This means that less interest is given to physical products and more attention is devoted to freedom. The new interpretation of luxury is not about owning more, but about what we own being more meaningful and in harmony with our values.

From a technological standpoint, today the majority of yacht owners are requesting more features related to comfort and sustainability  such as silent operations, noise and vibrations and increased autonomy. This leads to longer periods at sea without port calls, as well as lower fuel consumption and increased operational efficiency.

Zero emission technologies such as batteries or fuel cells allow yachts to be quieter, cleaner, and simpler in construction than internal combustion powered yachts. These technologies ensure the highest standards of comfort onboard while potentially allowing more flexibility in the overall layout of the vessel, with the elimination of exhaust and intake trunks, casings and associated equipment.

The new millennial clients are highly passionate about the effects of their yachting activity towards the global environment. They seek the need to innovate on technology, bringing, as a result, the whole industry to rapidly evolve and become more and more green-oriented.

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Beatrice CHIARDI