By: Eric Althaus
December 16th, 2020

Today, December 16th, a yachting conference has been held at the Yacht Club of Monaco. The discussion panel focused on the explorer vessel YERSIN and the related sustainable concepts and running systems.

As we have observed throughout this years, the yachting industry is paying much attention to the idea of sustainability and the consequent impact on our planet. With the effects of climate change, which are becoming day by day more serious, many Owners are understanding and becoming aware of the importance of our oceans’ health.  

Numerous yachts are being designed and built to be more sustainable and ecologically friendly, even if none have been taking “sustainability” as seriously as M/Y YERSIN.

The Owner’s goal was to build a vessel that perfectly combined high technical capabilities and the elegance. The result was YERSIN: an astonishing explorer vessel fully equipped with an ice-class hull, research laboratory, classroom/conference room, media room, hospital and professional diving facility. She is one of the greenest explorer yachts on the planet because every aspect of its operation guarantees the maximum level of sustainability with the lowest ecological impact.

Built in 2015, since her launch she has proven to be a real pedigree explorer yacht. She incorporates numerous innovative technologies, whilst maintains all the comfort and luxuries of a super yachts. In fact, besides the numerous features that enhance sustainability, she also offers guests a variety of exclusive services: elevator that connects all guest decks together, a fully-equipped gym, a stunning and spacious spa, a 4K cinema room, an hammam and a dedicated massage room.

In today’s yachting industry, explorer yacht YERSIN is a real symbol of sustainability. The French shipyard commissioned for the construction, Pirou, used 95% recyclable materials. Her engines have been designed to reach extremely low fuel consumption and expel low emissions through filters that reduce the level of nitrogen and sulphur oxides by 99.8%. Thanks to her dynamic positioning, she has no anchoring impact and her wastewater treatment is rated as 60% cleaner than the international standard.

Concerning her discovery history, she has been the protagonist of many prestigious explorations, including the “Exploration de Monaco 2017”.  During this event, YERSIN travelled around the globe for three years for scientific exploration purposes, therefore reaching the archipelagos of Micronesia and crossing the Atlantic to Martinique.

Here below you will find a list of the main features that make YERSIN a real explorer and sustainable vessel. You will surely get impressed!


  • Construction materials:  95% recyclable
  • Extremely low emissions and fuel consumption
  • Non-wood recyclable resin decks
  • Bureau Veritas Clean Ship Classified
  • Underwater hull covered with silicon non-biocide and antifouling
  • Wastewater treatment is 60% cleaner than the international standard
  • Dynamic positioning enables no anchoring impact
  • Filters on all engines, reducing level of NOx and SOx emissions by 99.8% 
  • Advanced water treatment and recycling systems
  • Black & grey water storage (for an estimate of 10 days)
  • Ice classed to a thickness up to 40cm
  • Polar Code compliant
  • 12,000 nautical miles range
  • Operates in temperature between -20 and 50 degrees celsius
  • 4 available tenders


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Eric Althaus