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If you are willing to relax in a deserted but amazing landscape, then you are ready to experience a yacht charter in the exotic surroundings of East Asia.
Lost among the remote islands of the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, intrepid yacht charterers sail between untouched islands, tropical beaches, turquoise waters, and a vibrant marine life. By having the opportunity to visit these surroundings, you will get in touch with a part of the globe still known only to a fortunate few.


Known for its numerous white sand beaches and turquoise waters, the Seychelles offer spectacular landscapes full of giant palm trees and coconuts fruit.
The region is formed by 115 islands, some of the which are considered to be amongst the most beautiful of the world. Spend one night anchored in Baie St. Anne, an area protected by the UNESCO where you can merge yourself in the enchanting nature and observe the wonderful palms, traditional of the territory.

Visit the palm-thatched roofs of the most beautiful island of the archipelago: La Digue. This island has unchanged since along time ago, when the earliest settlers lived in the area.

One of most popular and the second largest island of Seychelles is Praslin. This island is characterized by stunning beaches, emerald waters, and lush islands. Besides the amazing landscapes, for golf lovers, do not miss the chance to play at “Costance Lemuria Golf Club”. This golf course is located on the coast, offering wonderful panoramic views and numerous golf challenges to entertain your day.

Stunning landscapes and relaxing beach locations will be the main characters of this amazing yacht charter holiday!


Discover a unique land and one of the paradises for swimming and snorkeling. Most of the islands of Maldives are relatively small, making the visitors feel in the middle of nowhere.

Go snorkeling with manta rays in Banana Island, or drop an anchor in one of the little atolls of the area.

Everywhere you go you will see an amazing landscape, characterized by colorful marine species, white sand beaches, exclusive luxury resorts for fine dining, and warm pleasing temperatures!


Situated in the eastern part of Madagascar, Mauritius is well-known for the warmth of the local inhabitants, world class shopping, and exclusive beach resorts.
A mixture of the French and the Indian culture is the best way to describe the culture of the local people.
The green landscapes, in contrast with the turquoises marine waters, offer an incredible panoramic scenario.

One of the most exclusive and luxury locations of the east coast of Mauritius is the “Deer Island” or “Ile aux Cerfs”. Once populated by deers, this picturesque island is highly popular in Mauritius and it is a key attraction for the travelers, due to its sandy beaches, and breathtaking and exotic views.
One of the most thrilling experiences in the island is to play golf in the marvelous Ile aux Cerfs Golf. This golf course represents a unique golfing experience surrounded by a shimmering turquoise lagoon and beautifully designed holes.

This amazing tropical island is a paradise for golfers, but also for visitors who do not play. For the ones who are keen to learn golf, there is an excellent Golf Academy with professional trainees and available equipment.
Otherwise, the rest of the guests can relax on Filibusters, the exclusive beach of the area.


A mixture of natural and beautiful wonders, old historic traditions, and local customs create the perfect balance throughout the different islands of Indonesia. The splendid white beaches are surrounded by verdant hills and volcanic craters, creating scenographic and panoramic views. Beside the breathtaking nature, the region is characterized by amazing cities where color, sound, and passion merge to create unbelievable moments and experiences.

Indonesia, well-known by many for her stunning sceneries and diversity, is made up of more than 17,000 islands, forming the largest archipelago of the world and spreading over 500km between the continents of Asia and Australia.

Experiencing a luxury yacht charter vacation in Indonesia is an excellent way to live a memorable vacation by exploring the different lands and observe the stunning landscapes. With an endless choice of white beaches, historic temples, and renowned diving site, the region offers multiple activities tailored for each type of need and desire.

Throughout the region, only 6,000 of the islands are inhabited, making it the perfect place to discover hidden gems, deserted coves, and remote local villages.

One of the best known and most popular island of the archipelago is Bali. Home to an ancient culture, this holiday destination is known for its warm hospitality, exotic temples, and stunning natural attractions. The island of Bali provides a wide selection of luxury and exclusive locations, from gourmet restaurants to exciting night-clubs, transforming the city at night into a joyful place full of fun and sparkles.

During the day, multiple are the recommended activities proposed to the visitors. From towering volcanoes to verdant jungles, the landscapes are beautiful and offer different sceneries depending on the time of the day. Besides, do not forget to enjoy the luxury beach resorts in the area. The areas of Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran hosts some of the most exclusive beach hotels and villas. The tranquil seascapes and amazing sunrises, are just some of the best bets of the archipelago.

Bali offers a colorful landscape and a significant marine biodiversity, full of different coral gardens, botanic attractions, and animal species. For marine lovers, do not miss the chance to visit the calm bays in the eastern and northern part of Bali, where also some of the best diving spots are situated. The archipelago is also known as the home of a legendary wizard with the name of “Komodo”. This local specie can be find in a group of remote and beautiful islands including Rinca, Flores and Sumbawa – situated just east of Bali. These isolated shores provide the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of the surrounding nature, its National Parks, and the authentic Indonesian life.

Furthermore, explore the splendid central highlands of Ubud with the amazing local rice field, the forested rivers, and the charming valleys. Yet Ubud is not only a cultural location, but it also offers multiple adventures and shopping day trips. Scenographic mountains are the perfect spot to exercise some relaxing jogging and take amazing panoramic walks. Just a short distance from these beautiful places, you can also find the most exclusive designer boutiques and the chic cafes of the city.
Sightseeing locations, historical sights, ancient temples, and artistic palaces are numerous in the area of Ubud, making the island magic and worth discovering.

Located in the West Papau area is the renowned archipelago of Raja Ampat, formed by a group of over 1,500 small islands and cays, as well as four main islands called Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo. Hosting one of the most bio-diverse marine regions in the world, it is the home of many colorful different coral reefs and marine species living in its warm waters. Besides, it is the perfect spot to experience some of the best diving conditions, with splendid views and turquoise waters – making the archipelago an unmissable paradise.


Sailing in direction of southeast of Phuket brings you to the Phi Phi Islands – one of the favorite and most exclusive destinations of the area. Stunning anchorages, as well as breath-taking views, dominate the islands. There is a rich concentration of marine life, which will make you stay most of the time in the water to watch the amazing fish swimming and the charming coral reefs. In this area, there are also numerous unique lunchtime spots to enjoy Thailand’s breeze and its charming villages for exclusive cocktails and dinners.

On the other side, about 54nm northwest of Phuket, there are the Similan Islands, a group of nine granite islands completely covered by dense tropical jungles. The Similan National Park protect’s the region’s natural resources and offers the finest diving locations in the world. The volcanic eruptions that created this spectacular landscapes are the same that equally gave origin to the impressive underwater seascapes.


Malaysia is an authentic mixture of culture, lifestyle, and charming sceneries. The east part of Malaysia hosts the jungles of Borneo and is the home of remote tribes residing against the steep granite mountains. In contrast to this tropical and spartan atmosphere, there is the Malaysian peninsula where vibrant cities reside such as Kuala Lumpur and Putraja.
An imposing and important architectural style in contrast with a wild and rural tropical nature give to the territory the opportunity to experience totally different experiences and scenarios.

Experiencing a yacht charter in Malaysia will give you the opportunity to tour the best diving destination, explore hidden gems, and discover new countries with their own and unique culture and tradition.

The Malaysian territory also offers a wide selection of gastronomic local dishes to try and explore. Be ready to enjoy the Chinese-Malay “Nonya”, the Indian curries, the Malaysia street food, and the Dayak delicacies in this gourmet paradise. Do not miss the time to engage with the local community and ethnicity. The locals of the place are very friendly, welcoming and generous. They love to celebrate, socialize, and meeting recurrently during the numerous and colorful festivals that take place each year.

Travel across the Andaman Sea to visit the charming Langkawi archipelago with its 99 islands, of which two are inhabited and consist of a mixture of jungle hillsides, mountain peaks, and plain white sand beaches.
Equally worth visiting and exploring is Redang, characterized by crystal clear waters, colorful corals, and an underwater marine paradise with a variety of clownfish, baby sharks, and jellyfish.