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The South Pacific Islands offer the perfect combination between ocean and lagoon sailing. The area is formed by more than 130 different islands located over five archipelagos. The landscape is varied, with reefs that protect the crystalline waters and the white beaches, green tropical rainforests, and flat and colorful coast fields of the tropical plant taro and flowers. This is the perfect place for a paradisiac yacht charter vacation, allowing you to explore different landscaping scenarios, enjoy the fantastic and breathtaking views, appreciate the wonderful tropical climate, and benefit from the uncrowded ports and abundant anchorages available.

French Polynesia

To explore the romantic area of French Polynesia, the starting destination is Tahiti to immerse yourself in a dreamscape of sandy atolls and shallow turquoise lagoons.
Heading north-west of Tahiti you will arrive at the leading lady of Polynesia: Bora Bora. This island is one of the most exclusive ones, full of luxury resorts and breath-taking views. You can opt to go in the lagoon to dive and practice snorkeling, or to enjoy the beautiful crystal waters by trying kitesurfing or paddle boarding in total tranquility.
For marine lovers, it might be engaging to watch the feeding of the sharks and rays, or go fishing to experience one of the main activities of the place.
Do not miss the evening’s sunset, by observing its amazing colors while sipping a tropical fruit cocktail from your yacht’s sundeck.

In the West, the volcanic archipelago of Vanuatu is also worth visiting, due to its enchanting underwater caves, the spectacular reefs, natural jungles, and amazing cascading waterfalls.


Melanesia consists of a group of islands located in the southwestern of the Pacific Ocean. The islands are extremely beautiful, characterized by a rich historical and cultural background, as well as an outstanding exotic nature.
For extreme sports enthusiasts, do not miss the possibility to experience land diving, considered an important tradition in Vanuatu.
In this island do not miss the chance to visit the Yasur Volcano. This volcano is one of the most active ones and has been erupting every few minutes since the last 800 years. It is also known worldwide for its beautiful eruptions that can be also admired from the sea.

Another charming adventure to live is to swim in the “jellyfish lake”. Many many years ago, the local jellyfish were trapped in the Palau Lake after the rise of a submerged reef from the sea that created a saltwater lake. In this lake, the jellyfish have adapted to the new natural conditions by losing their sting. In this way, it is now possible to swim with them. This marine species follow the sun and remain at the surface, thus remaining visible while snorkeling.

Fiji Islands

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 300 islands and a tropical destination, whose climate varies from wet to dry in relation to particular seasons. The best time to travel around the Fiji islands is during the dry season, from May to September. In this period, the temperatures are a bit cooler, but still warm to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, and exploring the intoxicating blend of cultures on Viti Levu – its main island. After visiting the main island, rich in cultural experiences, it is worth visiting the nearby remote islands by cruising with the dolphins, turtles and reef sharks, and having a look at the beautiful and untouched corals.