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It is characterized by a spectacular and beautiful coastline and landscapes, as well as an interesting culture to discover in all of its forms.

The Sea of Cortez is similar to an enormous aquarium, with an estimate of 3000 different species to fully explore, such as blue whales, sharks, barracudas, wahoos, and marlins.
Sail to Baja Peninsula, the point where the Pacific Ocean is separated from the Gulf of California, to observe the enchanting and spectacular panoramic views. Enjoy the mystical and majestic landscapes from your yacht’s sundeck in total peace. Be ready to visit the tiny villages along the sides of the mountains. Here you can observe the behavior of the local inhabitants, and learn more about their culture. Try local dishes such as fish tacos, and enjoy the sunset into the Pacific by sipping a delicious Mexican cocktail.

For more sporty people, do not forget to feel the adrenaline by surfing through the waves of the sea. Otherwise, for a more calm adventure, you can opt to walk through the colored canyons or rise your attention to look at the bright stars illuminating the sky at night.