Beatrice Chiardi
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Greenland is the location where everything exists and takes place. Characterized by a mixture of diverse wildlife, rugged mountains, and the presence of vast icebergs that cover the majority of the territory.

A superyacht is the perfect place to enjoy and explore the astonishing territory and surroundings of the area. Discover the ice-covered islands, only accessible by water, cruise through the iceberg waters, and experience the arctic air from your yacht’s sundeck are just some of the possible experiences to live during your vacation. For extreme lovers, be ready to discover the underworld beneath the floating icebergs along the fjord lined coasts, and experience on land adventures by trying heli-skiing adventures and enjoying the natural beauty of special hiking spots.

Depending on the period of the year your charter vacation takes place, there are different natural beauties to observe. During the summer months be ready to look at the astonishing midnight sun, and in early spring do not miss the chance to observe the breath-taking northern lights.