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The strait of Bonifacio, only 11 kilometers long, divides the southern part of Corsica with the north tip of Sardinia.

From a territorial and natural point of view, Corsica offers more spartan landscapes. In fact, it can be said to be the rustic version of Sardinia and the smaller of the two islands. As in Sardinia, many of the beautiful bays and white sand beaches are only accessible by yacht. This is why having a yacht in this area permits you to explore many areas of the island, which remains unexplored by the main tourism flux.

The majestic entrance in the southern Corsican port of Bonifacio is one of the finest in yachting. Limestone cliffs frame the passage into a gorgeous harbor, the historic citadel perched precariously atop.

One of the recommended visits in Corsica, in fact, is the little upper town of Bonifacio. This small town offers breathtaking views as it climbs up a rocky part of the coast and develops upward. very characteristic of the place is the walk through the typical shops where you can find local products to taste and taste.

Besides exploring the Corsican coast and the marine life under the crystalline water of the island, do not forget to see the beautiful location and splendid views of the golf course: “Sperone”. For golf lovers, this is a must, located in the impressive site between Bonifacio and the Island of Cavallo. No matter where you are, you will always be surrounded by breathtaking views, and each spot will be perfect to take an amazing picture. This place is the excellent combination of golf, luxury, and real estate, still preserving the surrounding environment and the beautiful nature that characterizes it.