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Enjoy the beauty of the Pacific coastline from your yacht, by deeply observing the rainforests and jungles, in combination with the Caribbean turquoise sea and the sparkling white beaches of the Eastern coast.
Furthermore, explore the wide selection of exotic countries and their local cultures, such as Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Each country in Central America offers a wide selection of attractions and unique experiences.

One of the destinations is Belize, a country that lies between Mexico and Guatemala, hosting the second largest barrier reef in the globe. Belize is one of the treasures in Central America, with numerous opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. From Belize, head to the clouded forts of Costa Rica and reach the area of Guatemala to admire Lake Atitlan that is located in an out of the ordinary and volcanic location.

Opt to feel the marine touch by diving amongst the coral reef in Honduras and heading to discover the wildlife in Panama. In Panama, visit the magnificent Panama City – the capital of the prestigious country and built high in the sky. The capital is the center of the majority of the commercial industries and businesses. The Albrook District is where there is the largest shopping mall, as well as a minor and small airport serving the area.
If you have time, spend a night in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Panama: Bella Vista, by exploring the local nightlife in its peculiarity.
From a cultural perspective, you can visit the Biomuseo in Panama City that focuses on the historical and ecological aspect of the country. It teaches the visitors about the “isthmus”, a piece of land that came out from the sea and has been the cause of the subsequent changes made to the global and surrounding layout.

As well as visiting the territory of Panama, taste the local coffee – considered to be one of the best in the world and sold internationally.
The surrounding nature is also a key aspect of the country. During your yacht charter vacation, dedicate some of your time to visit the Summit Municipal Park, which is dedicated, for the most part, to botanical gardens. By walking through this colorful and magical scenery, you can also have a look at the exotic species in the area, such as local birds inclusion crested eagles, green macaws, backed doves, and striped woodpeckers.

From a cultural and historical standpoint, it is highly recommended to visit the Old Town District, considered one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. After 1671, the majority of the original Panama City has been destroyed. Some of the remains can be visited at the site, such as the remains of the cathedral tower.

Central America represents a no-stop of charming and fabulous attractions to experience. Anchor your charter yacht, and explore the white sandy beaches, capture amazing photos of the beautiful surrounding nature, and explore the tropical fish and sea turtles hiding beneath the Caribbean turquoise waters.