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Overlooking the sea, between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, the charming Amalfi Coast is located. Do not miss the chance to discover the numerous beautiful bays, to cling to the mountainside, and to visit the towns of Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano, Furore, Ravello, and Vietri sul Mare.

The Amalfi Coast is characterized by fabulous medieval villages with evocative fortresses and dramatic rocky peaks. It represents a magical place to relax in hidden coves and beautiful white beaches accessible only by yacht.

The Amalfi Coast offers breathtaking postcard-views, and little famous characteristic villages – perfect to have a walk in the late afternoon and have dinner in a luxury restaurant near the sea. The coastal scenery is outlined by amazing views, characterized by the perfect balance between tradition and timeless. Small portions of land derived from rocky cliffs make up Positano’s pebbly beaches, as well as the steep stairways leading to the shores of Praia and Nerano.

Experiencing a yacht charter in the Amalfi Coast is perfect to live incomparable and wonderful emotions, like relaxing on the magnificent beaches, tasting the Italian amazing cuisine in exclusive restaurants, and living the craziness of the island’s nightlife in famous clubs.

For the visitors who aim to retreat by the sea, the best choice is Vietri Sul Mare, due to its numerous sandy beaches of Baia, Crespella, and Albori’s Marina. Outstanding beaches are also located in the area around Positano, such as the elegant and reserved Laurito, and Arienza.
Besides the wonderful bays along the coast and the little villages to explore, the Italian territory is also famous for its outstanding dishes and culinary experience.
Taste the wonderful dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine that characterize the area. For example, in Positano, some exclusive and wonderful restaurants are Casa Mele, Adamo ed Eva, and Rava.

Ischia & Capri

The islands of Ischia and Capri, are two of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the South of Italy, both situated in the Bay of Naples. Both islands offer enormous opportunities for exploration – with amazing turquoise waters, abundant sea life, hidden coves, and spectacular vistas.

Ischia is the biggest of the two islands, thus managing to be better equipped for the tourist with its numerous small shops, and restaurants. The island is divided into two main parts: the area of the port and the area around the Castle and Roman Bridge. The harbor is on the site of an extinct volcanic crater, which was once a volcanic lake. Behind the harbor, there is the hill of Montagnone. Visitors can reach the top of the hill by taking a funicular, to look at the amazing view and capture panoramic photo shots.

In terms of beaches, Ischia has numerous golden beaches, such as Cetara Beach, and many fabulous villas of many Italian and international celebrities.

Capri, the other island, is considered to be the “little jewel” of the South of Italy, due to its exclusivity and natural beauty.

This island offers wonderful and unforgettable scenarios with rocks, cliffs, coves, and amazing natural wonders. The island of Capri has two nearby ports: Marina Grande, the main port, and Marina Piccola. While cruising on your yacht around the island, you will see the famous three rock cliffs, known as the Faraglioni. These three rocks are named Stella (the biggest one), Faraglione di Mezzo, and Scopolo. Besides the three Faraglioni, the exclusive island of Capri is also known for its striking Blue Grotto and its characteristic little village. The village of the island is full of luxury shops with the best international brands, and exclusive restaurants positioned on cliffs to offer outstanding panoramic views, as well as excellence in service and gastronomy.

Located north of the Phlegraean archipelago there are the Pontine Islands, another great destination to explore if you are experiencing a yacht charter holiday in this amazing area. The best-known islands are Ponza and Ventotene – perfect spots to discover and escape from the touristic flow, as well as excellent places to go scuba diving. The islands of the archipelago are six, and each of them offers distinct tourist experiences, thus making it worthwhile to organize an itinerary. By sailing at a shore distance, visitors can observe the beautiful landscape, characterized by short stretches of sand with ragged coastlines. Sailing between these islands is a unique adventure, with numerous funny activities, crazy night clubs, exclusive restaurants by the sea, and fabulous shopping in luxury boutiques.