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Alaska is full of astonishing natural beauties and indescribable colors, from the snow-capped mountains to the fascinating poles.
Experiencing a yacht charter in Alaska is the ultimate way to explore the territory and its coastline, being inaccessible by car. In contrast with the Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean cities, Alaska is the right and most suitable destination for extreme-adventure travelers, outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts.

South of Juneau, the capital of Alaska, lies the wonderful town of Ketchikan where you can observe the world’s largest collection of carved wooden wonders. To experience in depth the famous totem poles, it is highly recommended to visit the Totem Heritage Centre, which is the hoe to original and restored carving that have been abandoned from the native villages.
From beautiful and breath-taking sunsets to glittering glaciers, the Alaskan territory is the perfect area to explore the beauty of the local fjords, forests, mountains, and elusive wildlife.

Being the home of numerous treasures, Alaska is the perfect spot to explore the wildlife of the territory and the spectacular whale watching sites. Numerous are the attractions and experience you can live while traveling through Alaska, such as kayaking across icebergs, hiking through the green forest, and traversing spectacular mountain passes.