By: Beatrice Chiardi
April 6th, 2021

After a challenging 2020, this upcoming summer season has a brighter look. 

Today more than ever we are looking forward to travelling again, visiting new locations, and discovering different cultures. A worldwide vaccine is ready, and we are more than confident that this summer, with the right sanitary and health measures, we can go back to living a normal life!

Nowadays, the “safety”factor is extremely important for people. The pandemic has created a sense of fear and great attention to our health and social relationships. This said, if we think about the idea of chartering a yacht, we can say that it is, among all, the safest way to experience a holiday with family and/or friends. Before entering on board your chosen charter yacht, all interior and exterior areas are professionally sanitised and all crew and guests are obliged to take a PCR test. 

Hot destinations expected for 2021 include Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Croatia, Greece and Turkey, which have managed the pandemic situation in a clearer and more organised manner than the Western Mediterranean.  

From recents reports focusing on the analysis and prediction of the post-Covid way of living, experts are stating that a number of changes will influence the way people travel. Clients appear to be choosing to travel nearer to their home city, avoiding to take too many means of transports. Concerning a survey conducted, yacht charter clients are looking forward to spend their holiday with their families. This will likely lead some people to avoid organising vacation with other friends, therefore choosing different or smaller types of yachts.

However, as a big portion of the social life has been missing, there will always be a small portion of charter clients that will want to thing “big”, visit far and exotic locations, and bring many friends on board.

Therefore, there is good reason to believe that the yacht charter market will experience a positive turn during the 2021 season. Bookings are looking positive and many advantages have been conducted to please our clients and make them confident about their yacht reservation.  However, we also believe that a significant portion of charter clients will make their yacht booking at the last minute, waiting to see how the Covid situation evolves in the different holiday areas.

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Beatrice CHIARDI