By: Beatrice Chiardi
5th July, 2021

Creating the perfect yacht charter experience is the goal of every yacht charter broker. The aim is to understand what the client likes and exceed his expectations, in order to create great satisfaction.

There are many elements that lead to optimal charter satisfaction; some of these elements can be managed before the start of the charter, while others depend on the guests’ last minute decisions and desires.


Surely the crew is one of the most important elements for an excellent yacht charter vacation. All crew members are actively involved in making the guests feel at ease, trying to understand what they love and consequently making them dream and excite. The yacht crew can be strictly compared to the music during a ball. If the music is not the right one, the ball will not communicate the sense of magic that all the participants look for. The same concept works for a successful yacht charter vacation. If the crew is not attentive, responsive and engaging, the guests will not feel the excitement.

This said, on the other side, the aim of the yacht Owner is to keep the crew happy. In fact, several programs are often conducted to congratulate them for their effort, such as longevity bonuses, tips, special events, and so on.


Experiences are what all guests look for during a charter holiday. These relate to moments that will be forever remembered in ones life, imprinted by photo shoots and videos to catch the instant. Therefore, experiences have to be unique, communicating strong and happy feelings that have not being felt before. Something one-of-a-kind.

Locations have to be breathtaking to capture amazing photos and make the experience wonderful. In fact, during charter holidays, the captain and hi crew will study the guests’ tastes and habits, in order to surprise them. Example of lifetime activities can be practicing strong and emotional sport activities, experiencing famous climbs for unforgettable views, learning Michelin chef recipes, relaxing with professional massages and health treatments, and many more.


With privacy and health safety being at the core of the guests’ charter holidays, excitement opportunities are organized to assure real fun soul lightness. For example, if you are a music lover, a professional DJ can be contacted to animate the evening on board. Instead, if you are a sport enthusiast scuba diving activities can be organized.   

In addition, with the spread out of Covid-19, sanitary and health measures are conducted in order to assure total protection and guest tranquility. On board a yacht, the  perfect combination between individual health protection and full time entertainment is assured at 360-degrees. This is why, yacht charter are becoming highly demanded holiday options, for an entertainment and relaxing escape with your family and friends.


Eating on board is an integral part of a yacht charter experience. At the start of each charter, all guests are to communicate their allergies, intolerance, and food preferences.

Usually on board, Michelin-starred chefs take the lead and conduct unique culinary experiences. For guests that love to taste well-made dishes, this is a lifetime experience. Having a professional chef at your disposal is something unique, each day a new dish can be tried and a great combination between wine tasting and food is accomplished.


On board super-yachts, health and well-being are surely key points. Many guests do not want their fitness regime to slide during their holiday, therefore detox and sport programs as well as relaxation massages are highly requested on board.

On board a jacuzzi and pool are usually placed on the upper decks, to ensure complete relaxation and great view and socialization opportunities. Instead, the spa and fitness area, can be placed at the beach club level, therefore creating a good synergy between the interior space and the exterior sea level. Beach clubs are also highly demanded because they facilitate the entrance at sea, and offer a great tanning spot for wonderful surrounding views.


Owners and guests are increasingly becoming eco-friendly, seeking innovative practices and products that can help protect and mitigate the surrounding environmental impact. Nowadays, yachting is putting great efforts in sustaining the concept of eco-friendly. Many hybrid vessels are being constructed, less fuel consumption is ensured, no plastic use is guaranteed, and less emissions are released at sea.

Furthermore, yacht Owners are also one of the main organizers of foundations and events that promote marine sustainability. For example, during a past edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, a charity part has been organized on board 88-meter Maltese Falcon. Reusable water bottles were given as a gift, with the idea of starting using them to reduce the amount of single-use plastic on board. The idea of this party was that each bottle given away provided one person in a developing country with clean water for five years.


Staying up with the pace and clinging technological advancement on board is a priority for every yacht. The latest use of advance technology benefits both the yacht captain and crew as well as the guests on board. The captain and crew seek for advancements related to the functioning of the vessel, while guests aim to benefit of these evolutions by increasing their experience on board and being able to communicate their activities to the outside social world. For example, if a guest goes out on a jet ski, the crew will take footage, and it’ll already be streaming on the saloon television when they return to the yacht. Afterwards, they can AirDrop it and out it goes to their friends and social media followers.

To organize your next yacht charter holiday and receive a tailor-made yacht selection, contact us here below. Our charter team will be pleased to assist you at 360-degrees and make your yachting dreams come true. 


Beatrice CHIARDI